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"Nemo Me Impune  Lacesset"

 In the Scots language, the motto is often rendered as

 "Wha daur meddle wi me?"

 which, in standard English,

 literally means "Who dare meddle with me?".


 No one harms me without punishment

The pipe band began in 1913 with a small group of Scottish immigrants getting together to play the music they loved.  

In 1926 the ‘band’ was officially formed under the name Oakey Park Pipe Band.  In May 1928 the Oakey Park Pipe Band was affiliated with the Caledonian Society. From band records, it appears that the band was not properly fitted out at the time of affiliation. After enquiries about Hunting Stewart and Black Watch Tartans, a motion was moved for the Royal Stewart Tartan

1936 saw another change of name to the Scots Burns Club Pipe Band, and in 1953, changed again to the Lithgow Highland Pipe Band